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Rebecca Blackman

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Rebecca Blackman is a songwriter, singer and piano player based in picturesque Essex, UK. She is half of the duo Arnwyn.
In My Defence, Rebecca's debut album, was released in 2007.

Musicians on this album are:


Album artwork by Matt White.
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Track listing
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Life By Numbers

Who Gives A


For Maws

U sed

Lucky One

Police Constable Creep

Shake The Corpse

Face In That Fabric




"...That has got to be one of the most emotionally affecting songs I have ever heard... an absolutely astonishing piece of music..."
Phil Widdows, FolkCast Radio. Commenting on "Today"

"Here's one of the quirkiest and most compelling story-tellers we've heard on this show. A great girl. Simply unmissable!"
Meer Music, Fame Games Radio

"... Where her fragile, piano-laden songs recall the bleak beauty of Mitchell's 'Blue', delicately plaintive vocals crystallise the whispering ghosts of forgotten folk heroines into something strangely modern, unique and enchanting..."
Chris Moss, Harlow Star Sound Check

"The freshest, most inspiring, warming, thought provoking, this is the real me, no put on frills, just pure love and enjoyment in what I am, voice that I've heard since . . . ??????"
Steve Porter-NICE AS PIE