War On Freedom

Intro Hook

Join us in our war on terror join us now or lose your freedom
so said Bush, Blair, Cheney, Condy Rice and Colin Powell
Our reply? We don't need 'em

Come and join us in our quest we insist that we're the best
We've got thugs we call an army and they're spoiling for a fight
And our apes in cammo - kahkis got a message for Iraqis
let us free you or we'll kill you one by one night after night

Hook 1

Join us in our war on terror
Don't refuse, that would be a big mistake
'Cos we've got eyeballs in your street, microphones and RF sensors
guardian angels that can monitor each tiny move you make

We've got guns and planes and bombs
and the Cruise has cameras on
Just to bring you live transmissions of the misery we've wrought
and if our lust for making billions means the killing of civillians
Then we'll make more TV cash 'cos war's a great spectator sport

Hook 2

Join us in our never ending war on terror
can't you see they hate our freedom?
Keep their oil 'neath the sand while the cost of ours shoots up
close your eyes go back to sleep and let us bleed 'em

You can shoot the shite out of a shiite
mug a Muslim, curse a Kurd kick the cak out of Iraq
You can help us make the world a much safer place
steal their oil mame their kids then complain when they fight back

Who can fleece this planet bare? Junior George and Jesus Blair
uncle sam has just gone broke but there is still the Hindu Kush
And flooding over every border zieg heil to the New World Order
and the bad news is Obama's just as full of shit as Bush

Hook 3

Join us there's no more war on terror
we've changed the names and we agreed 'em
If you won't join the war on terror that we've waged
you can join our goddam war on freedom

NWO speeches and NY Truthers Chant


Words and music by Dave Blackman. Copyright 2011.