Take My weed Away!

I was playing jazz in dixie when I tried my first smoke
then in nineteen thirty six I heard an unfunny joke
See the law makers decided they would take my weed away
When the navy needed hemp to rig their ships with new sails
the farmers got a choice to grow some grass or go to jail
But some dick discovered oil and so they take my weed away

From the clothes we used to wear when we played at fancy balls
to the papers, paints & varnishes that coated all our walls
And the fibres from the plant can make the friggin' brush and all
so why'd you have to take my weed away?

So the profs and politicians get 'emselves a result
making nylon nightgowns generating fifteen thousand volts
The hemp's gone still they try to come and take my weed away
The FED's & CIA are making more than a crust
selling dope to kids who they then go on to bust
This bullshit "war on drugs" helps them to take my weed away

The FBI complained that it's the root of all our ills
while the medical profession were in search of bigger bills
So the FDA addicts us all to new prescription pills
and threatens to take my weed away

There's been Bushes into dealing since the Opium Wars
ploughing back the profits to control their media whores
And they know they can't afford to really take my weed away
So they keep up the pretense of stopping weed reaching your home
but not before they gave us all the means to grow our own
The greed controls the need so they can't take my weed away

Everything you need they already make or own
the lights the hydroponic tanks and fillteration foam
And the power you consume cultivating good home grown
says they won't take my weed away

Outro Refrain
The legislating hypocrites deserve time in jail
they'd suck on satan's dick to secure another sale
They've all tried pot but strangely were too stupid to inhale
there's not much left to say (except it cures cancer)

The stuff they sell to kids is all cash in the bank
without their thirst for dealing dope they'd all draw a blank
Their pathetic moral platitudes just ain't worth a wank

So they can't take my weed away
they can't take my weed away ooooooooh


Words and music by Dave Blackman. Copyright 2011.