Home, home, home on the range
with a drover who looked like James Taylor
He was up in his trailer
with a girl, trying to nail her so they never saw anything strange
When a UFO flew over the big mountain top
and started to levitate cow number one
She was flown into space, where they ripped off her face
and when she crashed back to earth her arshole was gone

Bridge 1
Her left eye and a section of jaw plus her udder
her blood was all drained but the floor was quite clean
And the marks on her spleen were a fluorescent green
and her internal organs felt like peanut butter

Hook 1
We're just cows in the dark
the aliens take us away
to have our DNA stored and kept in a tray
and that's how they sqeezed us all into the Ark (2 by 2 mooo)

The digestive system's exactly the same
in bovines and in humans
And the way that both species in turn reproduce is
identical that's quite a claim
We both have tough nails that continue to grow
you drink all our milk and comply with the herd
And the term "vaccination" derives from the word
that means cow in French if you didn't know

Bridge 2
Smallpox and anthrax and now BSE
Rift Valley Fever is popular too
Some places it's true foot and mouth is quite new
and you can get all these diseases for free (from me)

Hook 2
We're just cows feeling blue
coz the greys still abduct us each day
Our gene pool's ok in a modified way
and these are the genes they've passed on to you
(through and through mooo)

Us cows are still sacred all over the east
from Giza to Shanghia there's no Desparate Dan
And Ezekiel's man planned an all Jewish ban
till a red cow is born and they make it a feast
The Minotaur's features resemble Old Nick
the bull's head turns up on some family crests
Earth mother's incest and a sprog at her breast
most likely her sibling had slipped her the stick

Bridge 3
Semiramis and Hathor and Isis and others
with the moon on their head between two large horns
Sat in nude form suckling their newest born
temple whore cows best known as earth mothers
(that married their brothers, mooo)
Hook 3
We're just cows passing through
sometimes we're food for the crows
We wear the same clothes and we're led by the nose
and you know something else? So are you!


Words and music by Dave Blackman. Copyright 2011.