We came, we saw and we convened a meeting
of the genesis committee, Ahh - hh
We chose, this planet and we prepared for seeding
but the next bit is a pity, Ahh - hh

Already green and beautiful
we tipped a comet on the earth
for that was our remit, Ahh - hh
The hard part was the landing
and then susequently standing
in all the brontosuarus shit
so we left it for a bit
'til the smell and dust had quit, Ahh - hh

Then we returned with GM crops and creatures
that we keep as basic stock, Ahh - hh
We re-arranged their fundamental features
then the earth began to rock

The process had to have a name
for our genetic seeding game
so eden was our choice, Ahh - hh
Established first in Africa
where three beasts were already
singing with a single voice

The lion, the ox, the eagle and ape
we knitted together and used as a cape
to throw on the back of our genesis plan
With our brain cells and face you became our main man


Words and music by Dave Blackman. Copyright 2011.