Mason's Promise

JF Kennedy intro

Worshipful master the candidate before us
requests the priviledge to join us and adore us
He wishes secrets and so he can't ignore us
he thinks it's all for him but really it's all for us
Hoodwinked and slipshod in darkness full of dread
standing alone fresh from the ranks of the dead
Let him be cable-towed and struck thrice to the head
raise him from the grave into the mason's life instead

Hook 1
We have the power we own the world
there's not a road can be travelled without us
Give us your pledge we'll keep you safe
and we'll make sure you avail yourself of the mason's promise

A peculiar system of morality
illustrated by the symbols of geometry
Our secrets are bullshit veiled in allegory
& cloaked in an unhealthy interest in charity
On one knee before me exposing your left breast
dagger of loyalty waits pointed at your chest
Tell not our secrets or you'll fail the final test
& you'll return unto the dead we'll see you laid to rest

Hook 2
We have control, we say what goes
there's not a war won or lost without us
Betray the brethren, we'll take your life
and we'll make sure that you fall foul of the mason's promise

Just swear allegiance to the lodge
just give the handshake and the word
Just practice each and every dodge
and keep concealed what you have heard

We have the doctors and the law
and politicians in our ranks
We own the military corps
we've got the royals and the banks

A thousand years of staying secret moving quietly
resulted in us the gatekeepers of society
If you don't give a fuck we'll trade on your hypocrisy
we only have one thing to sell and that's our secrecy

We can control you from the cradle to the grave
our New World Order will dictate how you behave
you have the choice to be a master or resist and be our slave

Hook 3
You'll have our mark we own the beast
there's not a drug deal made without us
Betray our brothers forfeit your life
and we'll make sure you pay homage to the mason's promise

(repeat and fade)
audi, vide, tace (masonic motto)
hear all, see all, say nothing (translation)


Words and music by Dave Blackman. Copyright 2011.