I'm a cat, (ain't no doubt about that),
I'm the king of the beasts but I'm much more than that.
I'm not the cat in the hat, I never sat on the mat,
but I've a tale to tell if you're up for a chat.
I'm a cat, (he's the king of the crew)
there's not much to do except chew, poo and screw
But inside me there's something that I share with you
that makes you what you are if you only knew

Bridge 1

From Babylon to Egypt at the pharaoh's right hand
I observed the stars of Leo from a block in the sand
Divine order protector I sat perched on the brink
until they re-carved my head and renamed me the Sphinx

I'm a cat, and my connection to you
is that we both do things that other creatures don't do
We both have our babies with eyes that are blue
we get AIDS and SARS and catch each other's FLU
I'm a cat, the badge of England's Queen
I'm three lions on the shirt of the losing team
I'm on cars and packets and letterheads you know what I mean
and we share a couple of pairs of bio-designer genes

We're precise and accurate, we can catch with our paws
we like having painful sex using sharp teeth and claws
We're ruthless clever killers and this really is weird
no ape ever had long nails, long hair and a beard

In Egypt the Gryphon was a strange kind of bird
made up of three beasts of which I'm one third
Freemasons, Alchemists and Witches all agree
that the most important animals are just we three
We were roaming around before Adam and Eve
we show up in Ezekiel for those who believe
Where a spaceman wears our image on the side of his hat
I don't know about that - coz I'm just a cat