The lion has his harem and respectively the ox
but my old lady's living with me still
I can't afford no extra maritals, no fooling around
I need the time to go and make another kill

Take it from an eagle who is honest, decent, legal
Egyptians drew their words using preditory birds
The falcon's head on horus - the wings of the air force
Ezekiel was on the case with our three mug shots on the face

Of four little grey men sporting cloven hooves
in a saucer shaped ship with something to prove
And their boss, the hippie, long haired and bearded
called out (son of man) and then disappeareded

Gryphon's got my wings, tallons, eyes and bill,
oxen horns, lion's main, teeth for causing blood to spill
Feathers too they're mine, preen them with my beak
lots of secrets in my brain but I have no mind to speak

In Germany I used to be a double headed Nazi
now symbol of America, America I'm still the same old Nazi

Keeper at the gates of houses, banks and premises for scholars
keeper at the gates of swanky dwellings of the rich
Symbol of your freedom while my face adorns your shrinking dollars
Free to do just as they tell you
soaking up the lies they sell you
curse me and they'll find you lying face down in a ditch

Even the creatures I kill with my might
never display the desire for flight
then there's you...Human

Non flying fauna show few signs or traces
of tendencies leading to jumps from high places
then there's you...Human

Hunter, killer, biped, mammal, questing after flight
too much gene manipulation
left you needing to correct and rectify your sight

I can see spots on rodent fleas' arses
from two hundred feet in the air
You, on the other hand, need to have glasses
something no other earth animals wear

But there's you...Human
and avian flu...Human
you can catch it courtesy of certain genes we share

In advertising you can see me and my other two partners in crime
we turn up wherever you discover freemasons are making a dime
or two trillion
military or civillian

But you'll never see a chimpanzee
as the mascot of nobility
And me, the ox and lion
help to forge the rod of iron
that the puppet masters wield while they're pedaling their slime

Predatory, monogomous and a fan of aviation
you show a very natural flair for aerial navigation
A tiny gene from me is generating all these habits
and now I must keep a dinner date with a large selection of rabbits


Words and music by Dave Blackman. Copyright 2011.